Española Island Tour

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Our day starts early in the morning at the Puerto Baquerizo Moreno Dock, and here the adventure begins. We will be accompanied by our bilingual guide who is going to help us board the zodiac that will take us to the Galapagos Hopper Catamaran. After sailing approximately 2.5 hours, we will arrive at Española Island, considered a crown jewel of the Galapagos archipelago where we will enjoy a full day of activities. Española Island is located at the southern end of the archipelago, 22 miles from San Cristobal Island. Here, we will be astonished by two main locations, our visitor site Punta Suarez and Gardner Island.

At Punta Suarez, which is located at the northeast end of the Española, we will be amazed by the nesting Nazca Boobies as well as the famous blue-footed boobies, Darwin’s finches and Galapagos Doves. Playful Sea lea lions and Godzilla-like marine iguanas surround you on the beach tide waters.

If you are traveling between May and December, we will be able to visit the world’s entire population of Waved Albatros, as they only nest on this island. We will have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing landscape dominated by cliffs and an amazing blowhole that gives quite a show as the waves come in. Because this side of the island is a rocky terrain, we should wear comfortable shoes (no sandals). Bring enough water for a two-hour hike, and if you want, you can bring our trekking poles.

Later on, we explore Gardner Isle at the northeast side of Española Island, and we can go snorkeling among the friendly and playful sea lions, and we will be astonished by the colorful fish within the turquoise water of the bay.

As soon as we board the Galapagos Hopper Catamaran, we will get a refreshing and delicious snack, and for lunch, we will enjoy a three-course meal with soft drinks, coffee, tea and infusions available onboard.

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