5 Useful Tips if you Travel to the Amazon in Ecuador

There are trips that everyone should do once in a lifetime. Travelling to the Amazon rainforest would be one of them, as it is a really exotic place and you can live an incredible adventure. However, to enjoy the experience, remember there are some things to keep in mind. We share with you some tips about the Amazon that helps to understand the place and enjoy the trip.
  1. What is the best moment to travel to the Amazon Rain Forest?

One of the best things in Ecuadorian Amazon is that you can visit it all year long, so start planning your trip at any time! The Amazon is hot and wet during the whole year but specially from April to September. October starts to be drier, so prepare your baggage depending on the month that you are planning on visit it. You have to be careful with your electronic devices, as humidity can affect them, so it is important to be prepared with some bags to store the devices and keep them dry.

  1. What do you need to have in your baggage?

First of all, remember that it is important to be comfortable since there will be long walks through the Amazon. The best option is a backpack, but there are some things that are a must:

  • Use light colors, to avoid insects.
  • Wear comfortable and closed shoes to walk through the wet forest. It will be better if you consider to wear water boots.
  • Anti Inflammatories will be useful in case you suffer from headaches or insolation, as well as mosquitos’ bites.
  • Don’t forget some water!
  • Take a lantern and also a razor, two useful things for different situations in the Amazon.

There is a luggage allowance of 50 pounds to travel to Ecuador. In case you go to the Amazon jungle, you can take a small carry-on.

  1. Explore the exotic fauna

The Amazon in Ecuador is an extraordinary place, but not only for the beautiful landscapes, but also for its mosaic of fauna. You will be able to find thousands of species, from the sneaky boa to the red piranha, and back to caymans, jaguares, spider monkey, amazon pink river dolphin and so many different species. Live this unique experience where biodiversity is the main character. Can you believe that in a single bush in the forest you can find more species of ants than in one entire island in Britain? So that is the biological richness that I am talking about!! So let’s be respectful with the environment of this amazing place.

Love birds? Be heedful when looking for macaws, these gorgeous birds are a poem for The sight thanks to their colorful feathers. There will be a professional guide assisting you during the whole journey who can solve any question that you may have about the local fauna.

  1. Some useful tips about budget and personal documents:

If you want to travel to Ecuador you will need a valid passport, for at least six months before the trip. The best way to know what the requirements are, is visiting the Ecuadorian consulate web site before starting the trip. The local currency is US dollars, and MasterCard and VISA credit cards are widely accepted in Ecuador, especially in urban zones.

  1. What is the official language in the Amazon in Ecuador?

The main language in Ecuador is Spanish, but there are a lot of other traditional languages there, such as Quechua. Anyway, lots of people in Ecuador manage with English, so if you don’t have a dictionary, you can try with English too. You will see that ecuadorians are really friendly people, so you will feel at home. There are little communities there that keep some traditions of their own, such as shearing a local beverage made out of yucca with visitants. It’s name is “chicha”. It is recommended to try it but if you don’t feel like it, respectfully refuse. Also, if you want to take pictures of them, it is better to ask them before.

Some extra tips:

  • Enjoy tree climbing and also sport fishing, as the Amazon is more than an exotic place to take photos.
  • Most travellers agree that one week is the perfect length for travelling to the Amazon, as you will have enough time to enjoy excursions and activities. Remember that you have to count two or three days for travel and transfers.

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